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Railking Santa Fe F-3 with Protosounds


The shell of this engine, though it is somewhat less than semi scale, is very well detailed. I have always thought that the Silver and Crimson of the Santa Fe is drop-dead gorgeous. Paint bleed on this model is minimal, and to me that's a strong plus.

The ProtoSound system is very impressive. The horn is prototypical single chime horn. The clang rate of the bell is just right for me. The RS 4.0 system from Lionel is also very impressive, but nothing comes close to the Proto-Sound options. With this version of ProtoSounds, there is a protocoupler on the front of the A units. This is very convenient where I don't have an uncoupling track section.

Overall, I would give this engine 4 out of 5.


This is a good looking model of the prewar Lionel Coal Elevator.  I own both models of the elevator,  so have done a side by side comparison.  The only difference is on the side girder.  There is a small upreised "L".  There was none before.  The operation is allright.  The old model had an AC motor, which vibrated just a little.  It shook the coal to the bottom of the bin where the chain is.  Now there's a DC motor.  The coal doesn't get to the bottom, so the chain doesn't pick up the coal and send it to the bunker.  From the bunker, you push a button and the coal slides down the ramp, into a car.
Overall, I'd give this accessory a 2 out of 5.

Lionel #464 Sawmill


This accessory by Lionel is a good model of a sawmill.  I have the newer version.  Logs are dumped into the mill by a log dump car.  They are pushed through the mill by tabs atached to a piece of 16mm film.  The tabs push the logs into the mill, where they roll down an incline.  The tabs carry the planks that were loaded in the roof outside and they hit a small bump.  They fall down, giving the illusion that the nice round logs were sawed into this boards.
Overall, I give this accessory a 3 out of 5